Measurable Results

We formulate unique, effective strategies that grow industrial businesses.

Strategic Consulting

Project1421 draws on extensive manufacturing, B2B sales, and media experience to develop comprehensive marketing and public relations strategies. We understand the needs of industrial operations and can help fill the gaps in your marketing team or simply provide fresh insight.

Creative Project Management

Manufacturers operate lean businesses focused on tangible, quantifiable results. Effectively marketing their products and services requires working with creative professionals that have different aptitudes, cultures and vocabulary. Project1421 helps organizations identify needs, formulate plans, conduct competitive bidding, manage projects, and generally act as a translator between industry and creative professionals.

Training Seminars

Professionals and executives can always benefit from training in the best practices of business to business marketing. Project1421 can provide training to individuals, teams or organizations on how to best utilize social media, trade shows, press coverage, SEO, and other tools to promote and recruit for their enterprises.