Public Relations

Organic Publicity

Leveraging a deep understanding of your business to position your brand as an industry leader.

Project1421 specializes in generating media coverage for manufacturers and industrial enterprises.

Organic media coverage can produce better results than traditional advertising because it originates from a credible third-party. Audiences can ignore advertising, but earned media makes a bigger impact and positions your organization as an authority on the subject.

We start by developing a comprehensive understanding of our client’s business. We use this knowledge to identify unique press opportunities and target media outlets. Many companies are surprised by how interested journalists are in their stories. We help organizations identify these press opportunities and cultivate relationships with relevant media outlets and influencers.

Our strategies are developed and refined with management through approval and communication tools that fully integrate our PR operation into the client’s team. Once we establish a strategy and systems, we contact journalists, write releases, organize events, and plan strategic sponsorship that generate positive media coverage.

One of the most important resources we provide is one we hope our clients never use, crisis communications and disaster response. For all our clients, we are prepared and standing-by for the unexpected. Our PR representation agreement guarantees availability to handle unforeseen public relations events 24/7/365.